How to get sum of multiple excel columns

Hello, can anyone help me to get the sum of multiple columns of an excel file, ex:=E8+F8+…I8 ??
what i did is-

  1. read excel, 2. saved the formula in a config and last i am using write cell to write it in the same excel file. But, here my requirement is without writing it to an excel i want to get the sum. please help!!

can you screenshot the excel here? and tell us the part you have to sum?

in this file i want to get the sum of column E8 to I8, can you tell me how can i get it.

from column 5-9

refer to this
Main (1).xaml (19.9 KB)

i assume you start at row 8, but you can change it if its a different row

example input



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Refer to my workflow. My workflow use index instead of header because cannot read range when there are duplicate headers.
Let me know if it helps.
Main.xaml (13.0 KB)

My result as below

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