How to get specyfic item from loop. PLEASE HELP!

Hi Guys,

I need yours help. How to take specific item from for each activity.

The red section is needed part.


Hi @fudi5,
You can use if condition.
1.first idea is from that image you need only odd values from the for each list. You can use if condition to check
2.the all the value start with “DZ.KW.” before getting you can check with if condition. Contains or StartsWith method.


Hi my friend @arivu96,

This data is dynamic. I can not asume that this record everytime will be start from DZ.KW.
Any idea ?


What does this give if you pass below into for each?

nr_wzmianki.Where(Function(s, index) index Mod 2 <> 0)


Im not quite undestand. You wanna use it in IF activity ? And this take a every secend row yes ?

It should. You can directly pass in foreach loop.

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Oh :slight_smile: great idea… i dont though about it. I try it.

Thanks a lot @vvaidya