How to get specific value from each row of excel file?

I am trying to get the value from the column called description in excell file. I use foreach row to loop through the excell file then I use assign activiy inside the foreach loop. In the assign activity I use this argument “Regex.Match(row(0).ToString,”(waive\sannual).*?(?=/)",RegexOptions.Multiline).Value" to get only the sentence start from waive annual until the first “/” sign. But when I use message box to show the result, it shows an empty message box. What is the problem? that row(0) is where the description located. Here is the sample of the data in the excell file

here is how I made tthem in uipath

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Check as below

Regex is not matching with any value


I have fond the solution, I have to use another loop inside the foreach loop to get the value. The problem is not with the pattern expression


Yes, if you want always first value then you can use nilai(0).Tostring


You can use For each Loop