How to get specific text from splited array

I want to get the text which comes after to from text file.
Below is the screen shot for requirement from which I want only DFM033762 text, So after to whatever text will be there need to capture.

I tried below activities but getting only False as output.
WO_Number = WO_Number.Substring(WO_Number.IndexOf(“-”) + 1, 11)
WO_Number = Split(Split(WO_Number,“-”)(1),“(”)(0).Trim

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is that DFM033762 format is fixed??

well you can use Matches activity and pass yourstring and use this patter [A-Z]{3}\d{6}
and get output like outRegex
and use outRegex(0) in message box to get the desired output!

Yes format will be same but numbers & text will be change always.

you can try the above mentioned method!