How to get specific item from the queues to process in reframework?

Hi All,

I have 10 items in queue and I want a specific item to process.

I want specific item like reference mentioned as “pass” to process the item only without changing the other item status.

Hi @prakashvcmcs,
(Make sure you have Unique reference added to the each queue item)

  1. Use “get queue item” and find out the needed Queue item using for each. This will not change your Queue status
  2. Get the reference of the needed Queue item and save it in a variable
  3. Use “get transaction item” and pass the reference variable to the reference

I hope this helped you to find the solution. If yes please mark this as a solution

Arun Vignesh S
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Hi @arun_vignesh

If i use Unique reference, only unique value will pass it and added in each queue item.

But my Question was how to get the specific items in the queues to process
Eg: status column should be “Pass” in 5 items and “Fail” in 5 Items.

I need only that 5 “Pass” status queue items to process the transaction. “Fail” items will take care later.