How to get specifc letter from column


How to get first letter from column
i need to get ony 5 (ie 5/may/2017)


u can get the column data first after that you can apply string operations


how to get column data


use the excel scope activity it returns the datatable,after that you can use foreachrow activity give the coumn name or position,it returns the column data


thank you i will try


Hello @shruti

After seeing this i can see this excel sheet contains Filter. So things needed from your side is as follows:

  1. DataType of that column? is it Datetime? byinspection it seems “Datetime” Datatype.
  2. Format of that Datetime column? I am assuming it “MM/dd/yyyy”.
  3. You are using Filters so there must be data inside a Table Range. So what is the Table name in excel

Here Based on assumption i am attaching a sample workflow, Please find it and let me know it is helpful or not.

Shruti_Sample.xaml (8.2 KB)