How to get Specfic test from Outllok Mail Body

I want to extract the text from outlook mail body.

Below is the table in mail body and from that I want to fetch the Submitted_Date.

I have used below activity. but it gives me blank output for request_date


Check how the mail body for this table is coming as a string.

If you are not able to extract the mail body save that as html file and open it in a browser and do data scrape. You get that table and required columns.

Check this below link @nilesh.mahajan

Hope this may help you :slight_smile:


I am able to extract the mail body as per below screen shot

And below is my email body from where I need to fetch the Submitted_Date


Check this thread,

you can save the outlook email as .html format. then open it in a browser. from there you can do Datascraping