How to get sheet in Excel from its name in string?

I have an array of string like the following:
arraySheets = new string(){“7-3-2019”, “7-2-2019”, “7-1-2019”}

This array of string contains the sheet names in string format. Now, I need to append all data into one new Excel workbook. I am using Excel Application Scope to work on this Excel workbook, but I am not sure how I can get the actual sheet from its sheet name in string.


How about use below logic?
I think you have both Excel file name and sheet name, so it easily to handle the file and sheet.

  1. Excel application scope
  2. for each string Array.
  3. Read range activity with array item at 2 (or you can do what you want)
  4. end for.
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Hi @tomato25

Use Excel application scope and in property there is workbook create a work book as wb

Use for each item in wb.getSheets

Print item.toString
Use read range and pass item


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  • For each
    extract item , excel application scope - write range or append range
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