How to get separeted line values from a output datatable

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i would like to know to how get the line values, line per line, because i would like to add, i am able to get the intire data table output, but i would like to have the line per line values, them it would be easier to add them as queue items in the orchestrator.

Here is what i got now:

Heres is what i want:

And i also would like to know, how to not show the null values gathered in the datatable.

Hello @Lucas_Silva

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Take a look:

try Split(pdfText,Environment.NewLine(0))(5) <=== this (0)(5) means that I’m getting line 5


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Hi @beesheep,

I tried to use your solution but somehow it didnt worked, could you explain it for me ?

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As it is a Datatable you can

Filter Out the Null values - Filter Datatable Activity

Iterate over the rows - for each row Activity

Hi man… would you mind to upload your xaml


The filter part actually worked, but when i got the For Each activity it doesnt not get line per line, how could i possibly develop it ?

Dont Mix IT Up with for each Activity. Go for the for each row Activity

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For each row is used for DataTables, and For each is used for general purposes.

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