How to get selector via text value

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Anyone know how to get the selector value via a text value?
i have a table in a webpage, i am able to find the text value in the table with “Find Text Position”, but when i try to get the selector value, it just show me at the very basic html level.(ex : )
i need selector value that will tell me the text value i’m looking for is currently at which row and which column(TD and TR)

@YJAA Use Find Element activity to get an element by passing the text value and then Get the attribute table row and column by that element

Thank you very much for the revert, i tried with it, but not sure how they create the table itself, the element i got is as per below. i can’t exactly found the text i want in the table element.
there’s no aaname or anything, when i select, i only able to select the whole cell, and not the text.

@YJAA Can you share UI Explorer screenshot for that element?

this is the uiexplorer to that text i click

@YJAA Please insert full window image

oh, i just saw it at the property, but why it won’t show in the selector and i can’t select it to get the selector?

for a complete support please share the expanded part (Unselected Details) with us:

also let us know what you want to do e.g. click, get Text, element exists… Thanks

@YJAA Yeah now you got the right thing, you just need to select aaname from the right panel (Unselected Items) Thanks @ppr

just for giving you an impression on the next steps. with the help of aaname or innertext the selector can be bound to a particular value. For dynamizing this we can use following approach:

@ppr fount it, but why it is not selected at default?

@Arpit_Kesharwani @ppr
Thank you very much

@ppr thank you very much ,it helps a lot

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