How to get same data from image

I am extracting data from pop image which contains 60II018514 using Get OCR Text activity.But in output i am getting 6011018514 this value,means it is replacing II with 11 numeric value in output .How to get same data which is appear in pop image?

Use Google OCR instead of Microsoft OCR. You can get better output.

You have an option to choose "only number" in character property of scarper.
Try to play around scale property to yield better result.

@ddpadil Now i am geeting the same data but in output some space is also coming like 60II 18 514.

assign strVar=60II 18 514;
strVar.Replace(" “,”")


Hi ddpadil,

could you please help me in extracting data from images i have two passport images which i have downloaded from google i am trying to extract data like name and passport number from the two images i am able to extract the data from one image then in the loop if i am trying to extract it from another images its getting failed.