How to get same account but different entries from queue?

Hi Everyone,


I have an data in queue. Where account same but other details would be changed.

So, when this data get upload in queue (Orchestrator). This would show as two different transaction data. But I need data in one transaction item like:-

Account :- 123-456-098

Insert Date:- 2/28/2022

Make Name:- ABC
Make Name:-XYZ



Start Date:- 2/17/2019

Any one suggest? How to do this?

one strategy could be

  • group this data by Account
  • create csv string from groupmember data (JSON Serialization is creating String Overhead, but would also work)
  • store the CSV String on SpecificContent Dictionary

When processing the QueueItem

  • retrieve the CSV String from SpecificContent
  • pass it to generate DataTable and get back a data table

This data coming from sql and uploaded in queue. These two row having different transaction item.

But I don’t want to separate item.


ok then please reformulate your requirement more clear in detail
exact input: ?
expected output: ?

Kindly note:

Above suggestion would result to 1 WorkQueueItem having reflected the information:

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