How to get Robot name from dataservice instead of system.user

I have data services that have column names createBy and UpdatedBy. I want to get the name of that column. Instead of getting the name I just get system.user.

Can you please help me or advise me on how to get the robot/user name?

Thank You

Have you tried using something like CreatedBy.Name? Those columns are of the type User entity which is itself a complex object with additional properties. Details - System User entity


Hi @bhupendrabk

  1. First, ensure that you have enabled the logging feature in UiPath. You can do this by going to the UiPath Robot Settings and selecting the “Enable logging” checkbox.
  2. Next, open the workflow where you want to retrieve the robot/user name and insert a “Log Message” activity.
  3. In the “Log Message” activity, set the message to the following: "System.Environment.UserName: " + System.Environment.UserName
  4. Save and run the workflow. The robot/user name will be logged in the Output panel.