How to get rid of .settings/.local etc from Uipath Bot directory

How to get rid of .settings/.local etc from Uipath Bot directory. Every time I delete them, they re appear.

Please help. I want to keep the directory clean with unwanted files/folders.


Hi @Sumit_Ghosh1

These files/folders are essential for the UiPath project to run. When the project is opened in Studio, it creates these artifacts to classify and store the resources required to run the project.

If you’re having trouble distinguishing your data files and workflows from these other files, it is recommended to use Folders for your project-specific resources.
For example, consider the RE Framework template:

  • All spreadsheets such as Config.xlsx and other Input, Output, Temp resources are stored under Data folder.
  • All reusable workflows are stored under the folder Framework

You may store your files such as 10000_records, 50000_records under the Data folder (create one if your project doesn’t have it)
Store all workflows other than Main.xaml under a folder such as Workflows or Framework.

I hope this helps.