How to get Required string form the extracted Omni page Screen Details

Hi All just look into below string

The Merged Dash Board Screen Data is :
from the above string i need the string by using regex "
Kindly help me with the above problem

Hi @chandolusathi.kumar

use this below regex,


refer the screenshots,

see the output



Is there any rule to extract target string? (fixed string, character type, length etc)


Hi @chandolusathi.kumar

How about this expression



Hi got the solution,

Kindly delete the Screenshots and the text which is i provided for getting solution

Hi Got the solution thanks

Kindly delete the Screen shots and the text which is i provided for getting solution

Done @chandolusathi.kumar, Kindly close this topic by mark as solved. It will help for others.

Note : Don’t share the original detail in the forum. Give some sample inputs okay


here also pls delete the text which is i provied and the SC

done thanks for your support

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