How to Get published package code from orchestraror

Hi All,
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Can any one knows how to get the published package code from orchestrator to studio.

Because i lost the project data from uipath studio because of my mistake.
whatever i had published earlier to orchestrator , i want to pull? is there any way?
kindly help me out asap @loginerror

Best Regards.

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Hi @Naveen.Ch,

  1. Go to Orchestrator.
  2. Then image
  3. In upper bar go to image
  4. Choose your package and click on the right image
  5. Then you can choose version and do image

Hi ,

i am not able to see download package .
i am able to see use the version in orchestraror itself.
please find the attached screenshot for your reference.

Please go to Packages instead of Processes.

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thank you. but its downloading as .nupkg file.
i want to extract the all the files , how can i do?

You can open it with 7zip or winzip and unpack it. Then your project is in: lib\net45 folder.


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