How to get particular dynamic error message from a description[multiple different templates] in incident tickets?

Hello All,

I have one excel_sheet which contain the description detail of all incident tickets in one column.

Now I want to extract all the error message alone [note : all error message starts with the prefix Level 2:] from the description column.

The challenge is due to different templates of description detail, i can’t able to extract Level 2: error message. Any idea?

Example: Sample description 1:
BOT encountering Level 2 Exception(s) while running the [Process]-‘robot1’. Please find the details below:

Exception: Level 2: error ocurred at step: $&^(&Q)(E&(Q^R&R%Q&%RQ&*%RQ&R%QQ&%!
Process Name: robot1

Example: Sample description 2:
The robot2 BOT has logged a Level 2 exception, the exception being:

Level 2: error occurred at step:%$^(@&$_)@)%&@(^(@%^@(%^@(%^@(%^@(%^@(%^@(%

The impacted user details are as follows,

  1. Robot Name: ROBOT1