How to get particular cell value from one sheet and write that to particular cell to another sheet

Hello Community ,

I have input file which contains details of materials

Sheet1 contains columns like OpenQty,ProdQty,SalesQty ,it has got 2194 rows ,at 2195 row they summed up all the quantities from all the cloumns , i need to get summed up qty for each column and write that to a cell in another sheet

you can use read row activity with the specified range to get the value from the parent sheet
and use write range or append range activity to write those values into your child sheet

Hi @ShivuDundi

You can use read cell to read the data from the particular cell and use write cell to write the data in another sheet at particular cell

@ShivuDundi - If you like to do this dynamically (at some part)

  1. Assign LastRowNo = dt.rows.Count+1 → This will give you the value of 2195(Note: If any of the columns ends at different row #, this code will still max row # of any of the column. so if wont work )
  2. Copy Range(Inside Excel App scope) = “A” + Lastrow.tostring + “:” + “C” + “Lastrow.tostring”