How to get over all count of a queue items?

Hi All,
I need to get the over all counts of the queue.
when I check manually it is showing 4100 items.
But when I trying to display using get queue items it is showing only 100.
I need to get the total queue count as 4100

Please do needful to resolve the issue.


yes, it has limit of 100 and would need to use paging.

We would recommend to use the ORC Rest APIas the count can be retrieved with less overhead with one call

How to use the paging??

How to increase to more than 100??

Can You please tell how to do that??


For paging when using get Queue items you can refer to the screenshots.

Bro, I am asking you this “ORC API paging on Get Queue Items”
where can I mention??

a question of

is not giving this detail. So better more clear to ask:

We can prototype with swagger:

taken from: Orchestrator - API References

And after Authorization:

Have a look at:


where we can use the filter to e.g. WorkQueue Specific, Status specific…

then we can retreive the total count from the response without the need to move all items