How to get only number from string in excel row

How to get only number from string in excel row .

Use Case Description

In excel row input data : Info 10 , info10 , info1 , 10 , 1 . I need to get the number only. I used some regex method while it includes str and integer it works but if only number in row i am getting empty string . i used ā€œ\dā€ still not working .



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It should work. Can you run the process in Debug mode and check it once.

can you please tell me whole regex from the beginning . To assign


Instead of \d try with \d+


Hope this may help you


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Try below expression.

             outputString = System.Text.RegularExpression.RegEx.Match("YourValue","\d").Value
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Hi In that single digit is working fine but i dont know how many digit number i will get ?

I have given input str has test 45 bot through output empty .

Expression : System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(split,"\d{3}").Value .

Input may be : test 1 , test 22 , test 333 , 1 , 22 , 333 .

Yes , This above expression works thanks

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