How to get one after another ID from table on browser

Hi all,
I have one process in finacle where after login will get table format data so I want to copy srno check type of perticular srno(type should be updation if that srno type is not updation then will not consider that srno will move to next) and search in search how can do that for all sr on browser.

loop through the table …use if condition to check if type is not updation then use continue activity to fetch the next item in in the loop

That I understood loop to get all srno but how can we do looping for different srno on you have any example

Use datascraping to convert the table in browser to a datatable and perform the above steps

Hi @sayali_rokade

Did it work?

Hello @sayali_rokade

Will it be possible to share a screenshot of your application and explain which all details you need to extract and to navigate

Data scraping-is not allowed

we would understand from this statement taht using Data scraping / Extract data for getting datatable data from the webtable is not allowed to get used. If so, then have a look on the find children activity.

Thanks,do u have any demo ex with u pls share with me so that will check