How to get next row from excel if it first column is empty

Hi, I am working on a data entry format bot where I need to read the data from excel and type into the application. I am done that by using For each row. But my problem is to add the next row values into the same application form if excel column A is empty and then I have to close the application form and get new application form to fill the next row values. Can you please quide me to get this my excel sheet is like this when there is empty patient name cell the row values also belong to same patient name of above cell so I need to add then in only one application formIMG_20200129_180647|690x388

Hi @thallapalli_sowjanya,

I’ll suggest you to follow the steps below,

  1. Before using data entry sequence in for each row, you must check that column A value by using If activity and condition should be —> String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(0).toString)
  2. And now use that data entry sequence in else section of the if activity.

By this, bot will first check for the content in column A, if it founds empty or null the leave it and will go for next iteration or else will initiate data entry sequence.

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