How to get next cell value depending on previous cell in excel

How to get the next cell value depending on the previous cell in excel using UiPath

Use counter and pass the value to Get Row item Activity in Row Properties. @Arun_Pondhe

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Hi @ Arun_Pondhe
Use Excel application scope and read range activity to read the excel file and store it into datatable variable let say dt1.
iterate through dt1 with for each row activity.
within for each row get the current row index by assigning rowindex variable to dt1.Rows.indexOf(row), and also assign colCount variable to 0.
after that Use while activity (within for each row) and use while condition as colCount<dt1.Columns.Count.
Use if condtion within while and provide its condition as dt1.Rows(rowIndex)(colCount).ToString=“cell value”
now you can get next cell value by dt1.Rows(rowIndex+1)(colCount) or dt1.Rows(rowIndex)(colCount+1) as per you requirement.
if you are searching for multiple value then you can use collection to store all required values.