How to get new attributes other than the one indicate on screen

I have a loop that starts at the top of my email in outlook and i want to go through each name of a person who sent me and email and based of the name i want to delete that person’s email. I want this to loop through the emails until i reach the bottom of the email list.

My problem is how i have it programmed and i am not sure how to fix it. So i start off by clicking the today column in the email list and i hot key “alt” down to move to the next row in the email list to check the name. Anyway what is messing me up is the “indicate on screen”. I dont know how to update the location without creating new activities. I tried using wild cards, but i am not sure what i doing wrong for it not to work.

Email i trying to loop through:

Loop i am using:

Selector page for hot key:

Get visible text selector page:

Why not use Get Outlook Mail Messages and then loop through them?

i didnt even know that was a thing. I am a programmer, but am a noob with uipath.

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