How to get mail from program mail in lenovo?

How to get mail from program mail in lenovo ?


Please guide me about it.

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Hi Maria,

This is the mail application from Windows 10 right?. This mail application is normally linked to a mail account (probably an Outlook or Gmail). Just try to access the mails through Exchange, Outlook, or Gmail (assuming it’s one of those).

@RockSolid I use get outlook mail but It show error as below.


Please guide me about it.

Hi Maria. You have Outlook installed, right?Do you have your Outlook in English? If not, check how your “Inbox” is called

Hi @Maria99

Can you check the folder?
In MailFolder → “Mail_Address/Inbox”


@Gokul001 same error.


You have to configure the mail account with Microsoft outlook, only then it will get the mails I guess. I do have the “Mail” app in my personal laptop where I have configured my gmails account but when I use “Get Outlook mail activity” it will still get the mails by Microsoft Outlook. Because when I don’t have outlook opened it will fetch old mails.

Hope this helps…