How to get list of Machine Names from Orchestrator

Hello Friends,

I want to get list of Machine names from the Orchestrator. Refer screen print.
It would be very helpful if you can provide a way to do this or share code if someone already did it which will save time… :slight_smile:


Note: I know how to get Robot Id but I want Machine Names.

Thanks in advance.
Happy Automation!


  1. use Open Browser Activity and specify that orchestrator URL.

  2. Record the steps to navigate your tenant page. And then go to Machines page.

  3. use Data scraping to scrape the data. From resultant output dataTable just take Machines column data only.

If you have access to the sql database that orchestrator uses:
Select Name From [ORCHESTRATOR].[dbo].[Machines]


Yesterday after posting the issue, I also thought about accessing SQL database that orchestrator uses.
But I still want to Thank you @DanielMitchell for providing solution which may be helpful to others.

Happy Automation! :slight_smile:


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