How to get List of check boxes available on a website

Hi All,
can anyone help me to find a way to get list of available check boxes available on Microsoft 365 Admin page licenses section. PFB the sample image.

i need to uncheck the checkboxes from the list of available checkboxes to un assign the licenses.

Hi @prabhu_kiran ,

Have you tried using the Find Children Activity?

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Ashwin A.K

Use Find Children Activity

Hi @prabhu_kiran
You can use FindChildren Activity and then dynamically iterate through them that are checkboxes and have a total count of it.

kindly refer below link of find children activity


Hi @nikhil.girish
Yes i tried using FindChildren but there is no Parent element associated with these checkboxes on the website and get Attribute is not fetching any values.

just right click on the first checkbox, inspect element and share with us some more details from the Browser Webtools related to the element structures

Maybe the the find_scope fro find children has to be set to Find_Descendant

at least body element is parent