How to get links only with current date inside the Website?

Hi there,

In condicion IF (Currentdate.Contains(“MM.dd.yyyy”)), I need to get the text inside the URL but only on the current date (URL), otherwise discard. its not working

Is taking all the URLs and not the current day that I need. Example: 02/04/2021

WEBSITE: Legislação

Then for each row “link with the current date”, I need navigate to each linkcurrent date and get 3 text inside and type into the google form.
dash_LegisWeb.xaml (24.3 KB)



give try on using currentdate.Contains(“dd/MM/yyyy”))

it should create todays date within a format matching to format from the link

@Fabio_Batista, You can scrape all the data using data scrapping(same pattern) and then from data table you can check for each row and get the current date’s value

@ppr I try but not working !
should only get the ex from the current date Brazil “04/02/2021”, and other dates are coming

Hi Fabio,

First you have to split the date alone and assign it as variable. (like: currentDate)

Then, in “IF” condition give this, “CurrentDate.equals(now.tostring(“dd/MM/yyyy”))”.


@vignesh.ks Its not working, this brings all the dates of the website:

have a look here as it reflects in general your if condition

Maybe the implmentation and the expectation is missmatching. Looking to your screenshots:

  • for each row
  • if check the date
    • do something / else do other things
  • output the entire Datatable

So from message box we cannot derrive any result / behaviour from if condition result

So you can do:

  • debug and insppect the flow
  • use log messages within the if acitivty and let log in which case (then or else) the flow is going
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Hi Fabio,

Please find the attached xaml file. Reach me if you have doubts. Thanks.
dash_LegisWeb.xaml (27.4 KB)

Perfect @vignesh.ks !!!

so, after that, I have another difficulty in sequence for navigate and get text inside for each link current date and type into in the Google form, basically always 3 texts.

ex: Navigate for each Url “current date”:


Type into Google form:

Many Thanks!!

Hai @Fabio_Batista,

Can you share the google form link and Please let me know what text should be write in “legal act and Menu” in google form. Thanks.

Hi, @vignesh.ks
Sure …find the google form bellow:

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @Fabio_Batista

Please find the attached xaml file for your reference. Thanks.
dash_LegisWeb.xaml (37.0 KB)

Hi @Fabio_Batista

Did you tried this, is this worked?


Hi @vignesh.ks ! I had a problem with my computer and its formatting! as soon as possible i will try, and I tell you!!!

Thanks in advance

Hi @Fabio_Batista

Is that worked?

If yes, kindly marked it as solution. Or feel free if you have any doubt. Thanks.

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