How to get license allocation counts at Modern Folders level?

Is there a way to get license counts allocated or in use at the Modern Folders level? We have several Modern Folders set up in relation to our different business areas. We use AD groups for RBAC to manage access to the various folders. In Orchestrator, we assign the AD groups to their respective folders, grant the groups the roles they need, and set the groups to automatically configure an Attended robot for members of the groups.

As an example, let’s say we have 100 Studio licenses allocated to a tenant, and when checking at the tenant level it shows that 90 of those 100 Studio licenses are currently in use. We have the following Modern Folders:


For each of those Modern Folders, is there a way to determine how many users in each folder is using one of those 90 Studio licenses that are currently in use?

Licensing is per user or machine via runtimes. As a user can exist in multiple folder, I don’t think it would make sense to report it at such level.

From the Tenant > License where you see the 90 Users of 100 you can click SEE MORE to see the list of users and which machine they are licensed on. You could also Check Folder permissions of the user to see which Folders they are a part of.

If you did want to simplify it just based on your organization, would probably have to leverage the API to get a snapshot and pull the data together.

I understand that licensing is per user or per machine runtimes, and that users can exist in multiple folders. I also get that it may not seem feasible to report it at this level. However, my management has asked for a report on license allocations at this level because we run a federated COE model, and we manage licenses for the entire enterprise. Each modern folder reflects a different business area, and there are several. We would like to use API calls to generate a report that lists how many licenses are being utilized by each business area and run it weekly/monthly. Aside from the members of our COE team, everybody has access to only 2 folders - the Shared folder, and the folder corresponding to the business area that they work in.

I also get that we can go to Tenant > License and click See More to view the list of users utilizing those licenses, and can then click the View Robots button on the far right to view their machine name and can check the folder permissions from there. But as I stated, users will only have access to the Shared folder and the folder corresponding to their business area. So, rather than clicking through multiple levels to gather this information, I am wondering if there is a solution to gather this information using API calls.

As an alternative solution, I have brought this up with the Orchestrator product team, and have suggested that it would be really helpful if they built in the capability to provision licenses at the folder level, rather than just at the tenant level. That way when you have several business areas each purchasing their own licenses, you don’t have to worry about licenses purchased by Business Area A inadvertently being allocated to Business Area B if the number of users connecting from Business Area B exceeds the number of licenses that they have purchased.

Yes, that was my last piece is to leverage the API for what you are looking to do. Depending with how familiar with are with the API here are some helpful resources to get you started.

It’s not fully featured and I know some cmdlets are missing Modern Folder capabilities, but the UiPath.PowerShell PowerShell module has been helpful to me with throwing together quick scripts for a build pipeline.

The other thing I find helpful as it isn’t always clear on which endpoint to leverage based on naming is I’ll go through the motions in the Web UI and inspect the traffic to see what API endpoints the UI is calling and what parameters are being passed along.