How to get latest value from the Below logic

Hi All,
I have one table and this table has (N_REN_COUNT, N_END_COUNT) two-column then I need to consider N_REN_COUNT value and match with N_END_COUNTvalue.

Ex- according to the above image I need to match N_REN_COUNT = 0 and N_END_COUNT=0 it’s one loop, and the next round needs to match N_REN_COUNT = 1 and N_END_COUNT=1 but we can not match with Ren_count 1 and End_count 0. another round need to match Ren_count =2 and End_count= 0
According to the above image I need to capture
0 1
1 1
2 0
3 0
4 0


ohhh my friend, you need to explain yourself muuuuuch better… Maybe post two or three iterations of the game?

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