How to get key by values using dictionary in uipath

New Dictionary(Of String, String()) from{{“1”,{“Jan”,“Feb”,“Mar”}},{“2”,{“Apr”,“May”,“Jun”}},{“3”,{“Jul”,“Aug”,“Sep”}},{“4”,{“Oct”,“Nov”,“Dec”}}}

by using Feb value i want to take key as 1

you may try the following:

string month = “Feb”
string key = dict.FirstOrDefault(function(x) x.value.Count(function(y) y=month)>0).Key


@brindhaS @J0ska
Because inner element is again an array, instead of accessing each element and comparing, you can directly use Array.Contains(element) expression as below -
dictData.FirstOrDefault(function(x) x.Value.Contains()).Key.ToString


im getting error in giving in assign activity

@brindhaS what is the error you are getting? Can you share the screenshot please

hi, I have a New Dictionary(Of String, String) from {[ToyPoodle,Poodle], [TinyPoodle,Poodle]} (2 keys, same value). How to get the key when using value Poodle?

Dictionary will not let you to add two values with same key. can you please recheck your dictionary keys.

No, I have 2 different keys but same value :slight_smile:

You can use yourDictionary(“yourKey”)

you can try this
for key in dictionary.keys
if dictionary(key).contains(“Feb”)
return key