How to get it

scrapped data is strvar = 162.00/license/year

i need 162 .00 how to get it

@manojv02500 If the Scraped data is always in that format, You could try using String Manipulation and get the required data in the below way :

price = Split("162.00/license/year","/")(0)

where price is a String variable.

hi how to work if price is generic value

@manojv02500 - You can also try.

StrPrice = Regex.Matches(“162.00/license/year”,“[1]+”)(0).tostring

Import = System.text.regularexpressions

  1. \d., ↩︎

hi number value keep changing how to make sure i am getting those values correctly

@manojv02500 - the patern which I gave covers all the cases including comma.

Give it a try.