How to get Individual items from from an object?

Hi Team,

I am trying to extract individual items from an object-{ Date = 01/05/2019, Beneficiary_Branch = D31-72131, Notes = VISA_/_MASTER_77777, Reciept = 6208.95 }. I want to populate this in to a Data Row.Since, this has a row with some arabic values comma separation is not working. This is how it looks like:

{ Date = 21/05/2019, Beneficiary_Branch = D46-72146, Notes = اسم_العميل_مصنع_فن_دار_تركيبات_للصناعات_المعدنية\nرقم_العقد_72146-7002019-2\nالمبلغ_جزء_من_اجمالي_المبلغ_55600_في_شهر_5_, Reciept = 8545 }

None of the string operations are happening with the Arabic part.
Thank you in advance.

When you say object are meaning that you have already loaded the data into a data type in your UiPath Code? If so what exactly this that data type and what the the orginal data look like (.csv, json body, Queue Item, etc.)? Some data types have functions that allow you to easily pull individual value.

The DataType is IEnumerable from which I am using for Each to access each data Object.

I need to get date, Beneficiary_Branch,Notes and Reciept as separate items.

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