How to get individual details from CastIterator or IENumerable<Match>

Hi Guys,

I got resultMatch with details as following :

[Client ID: PW19167
Client Name: Lavinia Froehlich
Client Country: Romania]

What is the convenient way to extract information from resultMatch as in_ClientId,in_CientName,in_ClientCountry (in_ClientId=PW19167 etc )?

Hi @s2stechsolutions,
If you can use it as a string then each needed data you can extract using Substring or Regex.

You need a for each to loop through each item in the collection and after that you could split after " : " to extract only the information
Or if you are looking only for one specific item you could put an if condition

assign your resultMatch to a variable (ex: results)

for each text as string in results


{if you want to search for a specific item}
or if(text.contains(“Client ID”))