How to get imap outlook mails based on these three conditions

first condition is it has to take mails from yesterday to today for daily
second condition is if its monday it has to take mails from only saturday to monday
third condition is ony for today… this is for future purpose

and may i know how to implement these conditions in my workflow?


We can do like this:

1 st and 3rd condition:

"UNANSWERED ON " + Now.AddDays(-1).ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy") + Now.ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy")

For second condition we have to use if condition on the top

and check whether it is Monday…

if it is Monday in then block use Get IMAP and pass the below mentioned condition in else block take one Get IMAP and pass the above condition

2nd Condition

"UNANSWERED ON " + Now.AddDays(-2).ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy")


thanks thiru will let you know after tried

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