How to Get Image URL which is hidden in HTML Code using Inject JS activity


I am trying to build a test bot to download the exact url for the images and videos posted on instagram. Upon clicking on Image, and inspecting it below is the portion where URL to that image is present:

Can anyone suggest Javascript that should be insterted to get the URL back. I have checked >div class = “KL4Bh”< is present for all such images in any instagram handle.
This Javascript may provide result as alert or can print as a layer over existing web page with document.write etc.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestion.


@ankswe - why with javascript? any specific reason?
you can use get attribute activity → with “src” attribute.

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It is not giving “src” attribute in the dropdown when I am using GetAttribute activity.


@ankswe - pls try the text as “src” in the activity.
can you use uiexplorer and share(screenshot) the selector for that image

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