How to get idx in specific parent by element

I’m working with a label tree in java program
something like this, the labels in same level are share the same name, the numbering just for easier to explain:
Label A1
Label B1
Label A2
Label B2
Label B3
Label C1
Label A3
Label B4

Then I am able to get specific element(let say Label C1) with selector like:
<Label A idx=‘2’><Label B idx=‘2’><Label C idx=‘1’>

but how can I get the idx of this element as a label in the whole TREE? the idx of it should be ‘6’ in this case

sorry about the formatting, the tree should be like this:

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in such scenario, we can check, if we can use find children activity to get All or particular labels and can process the retrieval result

oh, I see, thank you


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Idx you can follow as @ppr suggest

But you can also search for another tags because Idx is only be used if there are no other tags available

Hope this will help you


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