How to get Folder Name and Folder ID using Orchestrator API

Hi All,
I want to know the Folder Name and Folder Id that are available in my Orchestrator using API. I am using On Premise Orchestrator version 2019.10.4

When I use the API https://{{OrchURL}}/odata/Folders/ in Community Version of Orchestrator, I am getting response with all details of folders, but when I amusing the OnPrem URL it is sending 0 folders

@odata.context”: “https://{{ORCHURL}}/odata/$metadata#Folders”,
@odata.count”: 0,

Can someone please help me and guide me how can I get list of all folders with their IDs and Other details.Thanks

Hi @ankitroy

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First you need to configure some settings in orchestrator prior to using the api call

For more information, please refer this



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Thanks, but I am able to consume all the other API calls. I just wanted to know the API Endpoint which I should use to get Folder and Folder ID. If you can provide me that that would be great.



{{url}}/odata/Folders This will be the endpoint.

For more details you can refer the below document and video.

Doc - Orchestrator
Video -