How to get excel total using reframework

Hello, I am new to the UiPath. I want to get an excel total using reframework. How can I get the price total from this excel file? Reframework settings are OK.

I will suggest you go complete this you will get clear Idea.

refer to this
basically in process state (process.xaml) you find current price which is currentPrice = Double.parse(transactionItem("Price (LKR)").toString)

totalPrice = TotalPrice + currentPrice

then in end state you can print out totalPrice

image (1.2 MB)

you can also assign following to totalPrice to calculate total without using REFramework

totalPrice =dt_transactionData.AsEnumerable.Sum(function(row) double.parse(row("Price (LRT)").toString)

Hello @Gihan_Chathuranga ,

Is this something you are trying for learning purpose? If not may i know why you are choosing Re framework here. Is it part of some other process?

Hi Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Yes, actually I am learning. This is for learning purposes.

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