How to get examples c#

I am making workflow using c# . Very examples are available in c#. This is causing problem in faster and quick learning. Please guide to move ahead while using c# as my preferred language.

In all honesty I’d just learn - it’s not that different from c# and 99% of what you’ll find with uipath is going to be in


As the uipath from the beginning it relayed on Vb.Net, then why you are seeing more examples of Vb.Net

But in the recent additions C# is also added, I suggest to learn C# for the basic operations, you won’t get much issue

Hope this will help you


An example of what? Most activities need basic .net language fluency, alot of the time when I need to do something complicated such as a LINQ expression in an argument its actually much easier to find examples of it in C# (also my preferred language) than

If you have specific issues on certain expressions perhaps share them, but if you are fluent in C# its not hard to change to VB.Net and vice versa as UiPath is fairly low code for most circumstances.