How to get each queue specific item value

Hi team,
I am trying to get values of a particular queue item by following steps:

  1. Bulk add queue to transfer data from dt to queue
  2. In process transaction using get transaction item inside an for each in queue output transaction

Getting error in for each , attaching snap

Hello @Reni_Sweta

If you want to get bulk of items form queue, instead of Get Transaction Item you have to use Get Qeueu Item activity.

Get Queue items - retrieve a list of transactions from an indicated queue
So it has list of all transaction for the specified queue.

Get transaction - Gets an item from the queue
It has only one transaction item.

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So no need to use for each?

If u want to get specific item from that transaction Item

Change the datatype of for each queue item and see th result :slight_smile:

@NIVED_NAMBIAR @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
It worked that for quick response.

Can I also check if particular item(not the whole set but specific content) is Null?

You can check whether the value in specific is empty or not