How to get dynamic url

Hi Aksh,
I injected javascript code as u told. It worked well. Thanks :slight_smile: but the issue is it is working fine for the first time in for each loop but when it goes to next row it gives the error regarding Image not found. In console log when I try to use that js code it is giving the same url which is opened.

Hi Aksh,
Is there any solution related to the above issue? If so , Please let me know…

I am not getting this part @priyanka144 and in Exception message box i can see that names pictures of priyanka is loading so it is returning the old one. so put some delay to load an image and its download link with that new url.

Hi Aksh,
As u told i put delay,But still same error.when it go in for each then first time it work properly, but second time it take old one image.:worried:
Is there any other solution for get url from downloaded image?
Please let me know…
please find screen shot below.

Hey @priyanka144

There was a problem with your loops and Some logics.
You can find the attached sample worklfow. it is giving me all different images link. (7.3 KB)



Hi Aksh,
Thanks a lot.
It worked!

I am using trial version, Now i want to put log on each activity, so when i Debug workflow from ‘Execute tab’ then each activity’s log is showed in output, But i want to store that all log into one separate file.can i do?

Let me make your question clear. Are you questioning about this website functionality ?