How to get dynamic selector for the values inside brackets[]?

Hi All,

I am having the following selector, for the typeinto activity, which is inside the foreach loop
<sap id='usr/sub:SAPMM07I:0731/txtISEG-ERFMG[0,55]' />
There is a value inside bracket - [0,55]
So how shall i increment the value dynamically – Only for row - i.e you can see - zero (0) in [0,55]
So it should get auto incremented…
The selector should work dynamically…

i can also see in my selector some of the selectors are in gray color - i dont no why… :frowning:

Also i did the following change to the selector…
“<sap id=‘usr/sub:SAPMM07I:0731/txtISEG-ERFMG[’”+iRowIndex+“‘,55]’ />”
But it dint work…

Please help me…

Thanks in Advance


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Did you try iRowIndex.ToString?

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I have changed the selector to

"<sap id='usr/sub:SAPMM07I:0731/txtISEG-ERFMG["+iRowIndex.ToString+",55]' />"
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