How to get Dynamic Data in Mainframes


I was having a question about the process of Getting Data from Mainframes at certain screen positions. Such data are dynamic, that means that are obtained after some filtered conditions, that could or could not obtain results, depending on the filter.

Example / Scenario:

After filtering another query, the result can be different and many new dynamic fields have shown up on the highlighted field.

The questions are:

  • In case of collecting new results, which controls could be use to check those new fields? the designer does not let us refer to fields that have not been created.

  • What is the procedure to check and access dinamic data for reading / write?


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Just to add more information,

I also need to Access fields that, being dynamic, could have different values in fields next or previous to such field (example, accessing to fields that have ‘neighbourgh’ fields as dates, being different everytime, like 27/01 or 12/12).

Other question could be, how to define those ‘neighbour’ fields using wildcards?

Hiii @Tony did you find any way to do this?