How to get duration of queue item in queue with in progress status in orchestrator

Hi Experts,

I want to get the duration of time that the queue items stay in queue with “In Progress” status in orchestrator.I need to get the values "Start Time " and “End Time” from the queue transactions into my workflow. I want to compare this duration with an asset value(1 hr) to get Queue items that are there in queue more than 1 hr with “In Progress” state.Can you please help me on this.

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Give a try to:
retrieve all TrasactionItems with Get Queue Items (dont confuse with get transaction item …)
e.g. do some filtering for the state

then iterate over the transaction items and use one of its properties
e.g. StartTransactionTime, LastProcessingOn …

And alternate to this could be a retrieval via rest Api

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Hi Peter,

Thank you so much.

Can you please let me know which Orchestrator API call can I use?I have gone through all the API calls , but could not find the relevant one.

Thanks In Advance

I suggest to set up a RnD sequence to do it with the activities from above:
Get Queue Items …

This helps you faster (~ less than one hour) to check if the approach is working or not