How to get details from user using unattended bot?

How to get details from user using unattended bot which runs on server but the details are taken from user desktop without installing UIPATH ROBOT on user machine?

Please pour some suggestions to achieve this.


Hi @RajiP,
Can you please explain little more. I don’t exactly know what are asking for. Maybe give some example :slight_smile:

Hi @Pablito - As part of automation we want to run an unattended Bot for some calculations to be performed. However we would need to get some information from the user as an input. Once the user has provided the input in the form of a web form we would like to kick off the unattended BOT in the server.We are not keen in installing UiRobot in user machine as there are many users who will be providing the input and BOT will wait for that input and start the process. What is the best way to achieve this ?


Ok. Let me summarize:

  1. So there are some users providing data on their computer.
  2. Data is provided through website/web application.
  3. You don’t want to put unattended robot on each of user’s machine.

In that way I think the perfect approach would be:

  1. Concentrate all data provided by users in one place (network share/server).
  2. Install Robot and configure unattended robot on this server.
  3. Perform the operation on the data.
  4. No user is affected.

Thanks @Pablito - I will check this approach and get back if more questions.

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