How to get date of next friday

HI i have a date let say 2020-02-14 how can i find next coming friday date which will be (2020-02-21)
can anybody help in this ?

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static string GetNextFriday(DateTime dt)
int diff = (int)(dt.DayOfWeek - DayOfWeek.Friday);
var str = “”;
if (diff == 0)
str = “Today is Friday”;
else if (diff < 0)
str = "Next friday is : " + dt.AddDays(Math.Abs(diff)).ToShortDateString();
else if (diff > 0)
str = "Next friday is : " + dt.AddDays(Math.Abs(6)).ToShortDateString();
return str;

//calling method
Console.WriteLine(GetNextFriday(new DateTime(2020,02,28)));
Console.WriteLine(GetNextFriday(new DateTime(2020, 03, 01)));


Hope the following expression helps you.


dt is datetime variable.



Hi @goharmalik,

For this you can try this expression,


Example -
here date1 is DateTime variable.
Convert.ToInt32(date1.DayOfWeek) —> this will convert DayOfWeek in number(let’s take today’s date 2020/02/26, DayOfWeek is Wednesday then, it’ll be 3)
As 5th day is friday, (5-Convert.ToInt32(date1.DayOfWeek)) —> 5-3 becomes 2.
date1.AddDays(2) —> 2020/02/28 which is coming friday.

that’s it.:slight_smile:

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you can try below -

DateTime.Now.AddDays(7 - CInt(DayOfWeek.Friday))

Today - 26Feb
Output for Next Friday is 28Freb

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@samir I have a doubt. When it is saturday, (5-Convert.ToInt32(date1.DayOfWeek)) this returns -1 and wont it give previous friday rather than future date?

@samir Let suppose the date is 29/02/2020. This expression will give me the date of 28/02/2020 for Friday. The expression is expected to give next Friday but this will give past Friday.

hey @Sugumar8785, @goharmalik

try this,


this will give to next coming Friday even if given date day is Friday.

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it is working thanks

it worked

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