How to get data table of active sheet in excel


I need to get the data table of the active sheet in excel.

The task is to open workbooks one by one and get data from the active sheet. But the active sheet name may differ.

Please help me to get the data table without knowing the sheet name.

Is there only one sheet in the workbook? If so I believe you can use the worksheet number e.g. 0 for first sheet to identify the worksheet.

Alternatively see this link for identifying the worksheet name

Hey Rich

if i am not wrong then @Selva wants to get the current active sheet which will show when you opens up an excel like if you were working with sheet2 and closed then next time you will open it will show up that sheet2 generally.

No, There will be multiple sheets in the workbook. I wanted to get data table from the active sheet.


please follow below,