How to get data from PDF and EXCEL data in a data table

Hi all, I have 2 questions here:

  1. I wanted to extract/get all data from pdf in a proper format and wanted to save in an excel or SCV file in a properly sorted way. Attached is PDF sample file.

  2. In the attached excel file there are 2 sheet formats and i wanted to store that excel sheets data in a data table sheet wise, but there are space or formatting issues due to which data cant stored properly so how can handle this issue.

BroadMoney_M2.pdf (577.6 KB)
BroadMoney.xls (154 KB)

Hi @tayyabimtiaz1 ,

One approach could be using document understanding. I recommend you go over the courses in the academy for implementation questions, please note it requires additional licensing.

UiPath Document Understanding: Extract Tables Out of PDFs - YouTube

UiPath Document Understanding - Invoice Data Extraction (Full Tutorial) - YouTube