How to get data from input fields and store them into an object?

For example in the image below as you can see there are input fields that has value , How do we get those inputs including their key and store all in an object ? so that it would have key and value.

for example in the image below the key is FirstName and the value is Lucy. I wanted to get all the data and store all in a single object with key value , any idea guys would be appreaciated. Thank you.


Any idea guys , thank you .

@Jelrey i think you can use get text Activity or ocr Activity ,get full text Activity

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Is it in an image file or is it a image of a website you need data from?

If taken form a website you can use screen scraping or get text activity.

  • Then string manipulation or Regex to obtain information.

If from an image you need to use OCR - but not 100% reliable.

If you have access to the backend with the data exported to Excel this is ideal.

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